BonPharm was established in 2009. During long years of research and high qualified work, we’ve derived the equation of truly effective and helping medicine production. This equation may seem simple, but it has met the thousands of people’s expectations with health problems all over the world.

Application of innovations

The first item in this equation is continuous monitoring of worldwide pharmaceutical innovations and breakthroughs. Nowadays the science is improving every single day and a great part of scientific research is devoted to health care and pharmaceutics. We follow all truly revolutionary and helpful inventions and apply the best of them in our medicine production.

Best team of professionals

All the researchers and production experts in our company are well known not only for their best professional education and high qualification, but also for decades of their experience and great quantity of remarkable achievements in health care. Our specialists became the second item in the equation.

Production of effective medicine

The third and most important item is the principle of developing and producing only effective and reliable medicine. The main goal of the whole our activity from the very first moment of foundation is helping people and their rehabilitation, and after so many years we are proud to say that we've managed to reach this goal with invariable success.

Only if all these items are used in the equation, the sum becomes an improved quality of your life and unconditional surrender of problems with health.

Quality guarantee of our products is an international quality standard named GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), which is given only to those manufacturers that completely meet all possible worldwide quality standards, starting from high technolŠ¾gical level of laboratories and ending with the efficiency of products. Even more, in many areas of health care medicine, produced by Bon Pharm Company is used as default during treatment of various deceases. We not only wish you strong health, we actually make it stronger.


Manufacturing in accordance with GMP standards.


What is GMP?

In the world practice, one of the most important documents defining the requirements to production and quality control of medicinal products for human use are the "Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicinal Products (GMP)".

They are focused on providing the high quality medicines and Dietary Supplements and suggest that the product for health is made in accordance with its formula (ingredient), does not contain anything else, properly labeled, packaged and does not spoil during its entire expiry date.

The international standard GMP (good manufactured practice) includes a large number of indicators, to which must correspond the corporations, producing a particular product.

GMP for pharmaceutical companies determine the parameters of each production stage – beginning from the material of which the floor in the department is made, the number of microorganisms in cubic meter of air, and ending to  the clothes of employees and labels on product packaging.

Currently, the most important elements of the concept of GMP are:

• Compliance with the entire process and control documentation for the production of the content of the registration dossier of the relevant product;

• Strict control over keeping the rules, involving not only declared, but the actual implementation of sanctions for companies- rule breakers.

You can also consider as a sign of the time, the introduction of strict methodological rules in the government work of normative control of medications: systems of quality, preventing conflicts of interests among the staff, to ensure the privacy of documentation, etc.

Today, as never before, there is a question of products quality manufactured by companies which deal with manufacturing of drugs and Dietary Supplements.

Creating rules and standards for production is necessary to ensure not only the efficiency but also the safety of their use.

Standards of GMP – are some rules for the production of Dietary Supplements, which are necessary for producing the high-quality, safe and effective product. Thus, GMP - is the norm for manufacturers to ensure the quality control of medicines and dietary supplements.


In order to certify the manufactured production, these inspecting authorities periodically inspect manufacturers and confirm that manufacturing processes comply with the GMP requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Manufacturing license, while working with GMP is valid for 5 years, in line with the international requirements and is internationally recognized.


History of GMP / short /

The history of GMP began in 1963 in the U.S.A, where there were developed special rules governing the conditions of quality and safe production of medicines - standard Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

And the first international document on GMP, developed by WHO, appeared in 1968. A little later - in 1969 a resolution was adopted by World Health Organization (WHO), which prescribes rules of GMP to all countries.

Starting in the 70s of last century, the concept of GMP has been widely spread around the world. In 1991, the new rules of GMP appeared for the European Union (GMP EU).