Normalization of hormonal balance.

  DHEA is a steroid hormone that is responsible for regulating most of the most important processes in the human body. It is the basis for the transformation (substrate) of male and female sex hormones such as testosterone, dehydrotestosterone and estrogen. These hormones affect both the reproductive system and the general condition of a person (physical and emotional).

  •   In the human body, DHEA is produced mainly in the adrenal glands, and to a lesser extent in the testes, ovaries and brain. The amount of the synthesized hormone begins to decrease with age. The concentration of the hormone in the human body remains normal for up to 20-25 years. At 50 years of age, most people have a DHEA level of less than half of the norm, and at 70 - no more than 20%.
  •   Together with the reduction of DHEA, the production of testosterone and estrogen also decreases, which leads to a deterioration in the condition and the appearance of age-related changes in the body.
  •   DHEA deficiency is manifested by hormonal disorders, deterioration of well-being, mood swings and irritability, irreversible processes of premature aging are triggered, and the body's defenses are reduced.

Tablets N60, 500 mg еach.

One tablet contains the active ingredient:

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone)

 50 mg


  * Daily value is not established

DHEA is recommended for:
• replenishment of the deficiency of the hormone DHEA;
• treatment for fertility problems;
• normalization of testosterone and estrogen levels;
• normalization of women`s menstrual cycle;
• relief of the state of the course of menopause;
• improvement of the condition in case of hormonal disorders in men;
• preventing the destruction of muscle tissue, accelerating its growth;
• improving the condition of the skin and hair;
• strengthening the immune system;
• helps to eliminate chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression;
• to normalize the work of the adrenal glands;
• improving the condition of the elderly, slowing down age-related changes;
• increasing bone density, reducing the risk of fractures in the elderly;
• improvement of mental activity and psycho-emotional state.

Usage instruction:

1 tablet 1 time per day with meals.

Course duration: according to the doctor's prescription, depending on the area of ​​application.


Individual intolerance to the components, cancer, pregnancy, breastfeeding. Not for use by persons under 20 years of age.

Consultation with a doctor is recommended.

Storage conditions: keep out of the reach of children in a dry place, in a tightly closed container.

DHEA is a product and trademark of “Bon Pharm” company.



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