Helps to remove stones
from the urinary system
Capsules 670 mg N60
Three capsules contain
Active ingredients:


320,0 mg



300,0 mg


Celery powder

250,0 mg



250,0 mg


Cranberry extract

180,0 mg



50,0  mg


Aloe Vera extract

1,2 mg



8,0 mg

*40 %

Vitamin E

18,0 mg


Vitamin B6

2,0 mg


*-% of daily requirement

* - Daily dose has not been established


Friolit URO -an effective remedy for assistance at removal of stones from the urinary system. Has a calming effect, increases the release of urine.

Let’s list some common knowledge facts about the ingredients which are included in Friolit Uro:

L-Methionine - prevents the bacteria from sticking to the wall of the bladder. Essential amino acids required to maintain the nitrogen balance of the body.

Hydrangea - interferes with the formation of stones in kidneys. The destruction of stones promotes in kidneys and in the gall bladder. Has diuretic effect. Has anti-inflammatory effect. Normalizes the water-salt exchange of the organism.

Celery powder - brings uric acid out of an organism.

Magnesium - interferes with the formation of crystals salts and microlitas which are the construction materials of stones, and prevents recurrence.

Cranberry extract - prevents formation of sand and stones in kidneys. Possesses the ability to strengthen action of antibiotics. Antotsianidina of cranberry extract affect antioxidants and have antimicrobic effect.

Echinacea - a biogenous stimulator, adaptogen. Activates the cellular immunity. Has antibacterial and antiviral effect.

Aloe Vera Extract - has an anti-inflammatory, anesthetizing and bactericidal effect. Contains natural antioxidants.

Zinc - strengthens and stabilizes immune system, has a tire-tread function. Neutralizes the free radicals, destroying fabrics. Interferes with formation of sand and stones in the urinary system.

Vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant. Slows down processes of peroxidation, reduces concentration of free radicals of oxygen thereby preventing formation of stones.

B6 vitamin - regulates the exchange of proteins, normalizes nitrogenous balance. Prevents formation of stones.

Friolit URO is used as a vitamin and mineral-vegetable support:

- For protection against formation of stones in the urinary system;

- Used in complex at removal of stones from the urinary system.

 Usage Instructions:

Adults take 1 capsule 3 times a day, in 30 minutes before a meal. Duration of reception is 10-30 days or how the doctor prescribed.

Do not take in the evening.



Individual intolerance to the dietary supplements components, pregnancy, lactation period. It is recommended to consult with your doctor.


Storage Conditions:

Store in a dry place at room temperature. Keep Out of Reach of Children


"Friolit URO’’ is a product and trademark of “Bon Pharm”.



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