A bio-complex to improve erectile function   

Product Description:

MEGA POTENCIN FORTE is a bio-complex used to help men experiencing erectile dysfunction. 

MEGA POTENCIN FORTE is designed for sexually active men who are:

  • struggling with a decrease in libido;
  • having difficulty ejaculating or are ejaculating too early;
  • embarrassed by less than desired erection quality, both in firmness and duration.

The unique content of MEGA POTENCIN FORTE, besides helping to improve erections, also helps in psychological impotence and promotes the desire for, and duration of, sexual encounters. MEGA POTENCIN FORTE is not addictive.

Serving Size:

Each pack contains 30 tablets of 900mg each.

The active components are:

Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide)

8 mg


Vitamin E (Tocoferol    sucsinat)

10 IU

Zinc (Zinc  glycinate)

20 mg

L-Arginine (2-amino-5-quanidinopentanoice acid)

151,33 mg

Extr cortyex yohimbe

150 mg

Extr. smilax sarsaparilla root

25 mg

Extr. radix siberian ginseng

100 mg

Extr. damiana leaf

25 mg

Extract green mollusc

18 mg

Extract  cayenne pepper

12,50 mg

Muira puama (Ptychopetalum olacoides) extract

12,50 mg

Sumа Extract 

25 mg 

Aloe vera

50 mg

Usage and Doses:

Adult men – 1 tablet every day at breakfast or at lunch, NOT at dinner.

Course Duration:              

1 month. The course may be repeated, if necessary.

 Storage Conditions:

Keep out of reach of children.  Store in a dry place at room temperature. 


MEGA POTENCIN FORTE should not be used by:

  • Anyone with a known intolerance to one or more of MEGA POTENCIN FORTE’s ingredients.
  • Do not take MEGA POTENCIN FORTE in the evening.

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a complex problem, the probability of which increases with age.  That said, there are numerous environmental and lifestyle factors that have a direct or indirect effect on a man’s ability achieve and sustain a quality erection - an erection that is both firm and long-lasting.  Some of these factors include:

  • Inappropriate diet.  Western diets tend to be high in foods that are neutral to negative in terms of promoting healthy libido and sexual function.  Carbohydrates (pastas, potatoes, breads from refined white flour) should be avoided, if possible, although whole-grain rye and bran breads contain Vitamin B, which is necessary for stable erections.
  • Inappropriate stimulants.  Caffeine-based drinks such as coffee, tea, or energy drinks offer only a temporary boost, while putting undue strain on the cardio-vascular system.  On the one hand, they can improve sexual attraction, but their frequent use or over-use can put unadvised stress on the heart and key blood vessels, thereby increasing the the risk of heart issues.
  • Alcohol.  Alcohol affects the male reproductive system in three ways at the same time:  
    • Alcohol kills cells in the testicles;
    • Alcohol decreases  the number of healthy spermatozoids;
    • Alcohol interferes in with the communication pathways between the brain and genitals and inhibits the quality of an erection, because the blood does not receive the necessary amount of erection-creating enzymes.
  • Smoking.  A study by British researchers showed that smoking disturbs the blood circulation in male genitals and diminishes the ability of sperm to fertilize eggs.  Habitual smoking also increases the probability of developing prostate cancer, which can result in infertility and impotency.  Data suggests that men who smoke have two times less sex than their non-smoking brethren.      
  • Drugs.  Drugs are very hazardous a man’s sexual potency.  They not only inhibit sexual reflexes and hormone production, but also prevent normal erectile function. Long-term drug abuse can result in permanent sexual damage.
  • Gambling.  Gambling irritates the nervous system and makes blood circulate faster in the veins, thus causing high amounts of adrenalin production.  But, as a rule, this energy is spent on psychological exertion and the hope of winning.  The amount of energy spent on gambling is up to three times that spent on sex, and therefore gamblers often have diminished ability to perform sexually, simply because they’ve already spent their energy reserves.  This is opposite to the effect of regular physical exercise on sexual performance, which has been proven to increase sexual endurance over the long-term.

Improving Erectile Function Naturally: 

There are many ways to improve erectile function naturally.  These include:

  • Eating certain libido-inducing foods.  These foods increase the blood supply to a man’s genitals and thereby increase potency:
    • Mussels, shrimps, crayfish;
    • Dairy products: yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream;
    • Onion and garlic. These can be consumed within dishes or on their own, although eating either on their own might be a turn off for your spouse! 
    • Honey
    • Nuts and seeds (particularly walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds) 
    • Prunes.
  • Getting enough physical exercise.  Normal amounts of physical exercise and conditioning can build endurance and improve sexual performance over the long-term.  Always consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise regime.

In conclusion, eating right, avoiding smoking and drinking, and getting enough of the right physical exercise are keys in avoiding sexual potency problems and improving your chances for healthy erectile function well into old age.


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