SOLMARIN NOSE & THROAT SPRAY (50mL) is an all-natural, seawater-based spray that is enhanced with Echinacea and Roman Chamomile.

It acts as a prophylactic against the common cold and other nasal illnesses, as well as helping reduce the pain and swelling of sore throats.


Product Description

SOLMARIN NOSE & THROAT SPRAY (50mL) is a sterile and isotonic saline solution.  It contains no concentrates, aromatic compounds, or chemical additives.

SOLMARIN NOSE & THROAT SPRAY (50mL) works in tandem with the body’s natural processes and offers all the healing properties of seawater. It contains a range of microelements and active substances  (Са,Cl,Cu,Fe,I,K,Mg,Na,Se, and Zn), and is enhanced with:

  • Echinacea -  a unique herbal immune-modulator which contributes to increased immunity and improved metabolism.
  • Roman Chamomile – has anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties.


Preventative Effect

SOLMARIN NOSE & THROAT SPRAY (50mL) offers comprehensive prevention of acute and chronic respiratory infections, influenza, SARS, pharyngitis and laryngitis.

It also prevents the spread of infection from the nasal cavity into both the area of middle and inner ears, as well as into the respiratory tract.



SOLMARIN NOSE & THROAT SPRAY (50mL) is indicated for:

  • Helping prevent the common cold;
  • Postoperative care after ENT surgeries;
  • Helping prevent the spread of SARS;
  • Helping prevent throat infections
  • Daily prophylactic cleaning of the nasal and throat cavities;
  • Active irrigation of the nasal and throat cavities, stimulating the healing process and recovery;
  • Helping to remove mucus and reducing edema of the mucous membrane;
  • Improving nasal breathing;
  • Promoting nasal and respiratory health.
  • Relieving dryness in the mucous membranes of the nose;
  • Helping prevent sinus infections;
  • Promotes balanced mucosal levels in the respiratory tract;
  • Cleaning the nasal and throat cavities from bacteria, dust and smoke;
  • Improves immunity.



SOLMARIN NOSE & THROAT SPRAY (50mL) is NOT recommended for:

  • Anyone with a known hypersensitivity to any components of the spray.
  • Pregnant women and those who have asthma. 

As with all supplements, always consult your doctor before using SOLMARIN NOSE & TRHOAT SPRAY (50mL).


Usage Instructions

For the nose:

Irrigate the nose 2-4 times a day using the following method:

Tilt head to one side. Insert the narrow tip of the SOLMARIN NOSE & THROAT SPRAY (50mL) bottle into the upper nostril and very slowly squeeze.  Once the spray enters the upper nostril, within a few seconds it will drip through and drain out the lower nostril.  Blow your nose if necessary. Repeat the procedure and then tilt your head in the opposite direction and perform the same process with the other nostril.


For the throat:

THROAT - Irrigate the throat with 3-4 flushes, 2-4 times a day.

How to switch between the different nozzles:



Natural, sterile seawater (isotonic saline) with Echinacea and Roman Chamomile


Storage Conditions

Store at room temperature.  The spray will remain sterile until the expiry date indicated on the bottle.

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